The Most Delicious Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) in the World
Serving A5-Graded Japanese Black Wagyu Beef Purchased Directly from the Provider
Served with Special Sauce from Kawasaki, Japan
Served by Our Warm and Friendly Staff
Reasonably-Priced, Highest-Graded Wagyu Beef in Tokyo, Tochigi and Hong Kong
Two ways to order your Yakiniku:
Omakase Style – Our chef will select a variety of wagyu cuts to delight you.
Okonomi Style – Order à la carte from our extensive menu.


Kuroge Wagyu

Wagyu Kalbi$98
Prime Wagyu Kalbi$198
Thick Prime Kalbi$228
Wagyu Chuck Roll$88
Prime Wagyu Chuck Roll$168
Thick Prime Chuck Roll$198
Garlic Butter ROSU$168
Mixed Marbled and Lean Cut Wagyu$298

Australia Wagyu US Prime

Beef Tongue$128
Beef Tongue Kalbi$128
Prime Beef Tongue$228
2 Kinds of Tongue$168
Prime Harami$168
Horumon (Tare)$100

Japanese Chicken & Pork

Japanese Chicken Thigh (Yuzu pepper)$98
Japanese Prime Pork Rib$128

Sashimi & Side Dish

Prime Beef Sashimi$90
NEGITORO SUSHI 3 pieces$98
Tsukiji Fresh Seaweed with Home Made Ponzu$68
Korean Laver$48


Grilled Scallop with Sake$78
Assorted Vegetables for Grilling$98
Sweet Potato$60
Garlic Clove with Butter$60
Shiitake Mushroom$68

Fresh Vegetables

GREAT Salad$98
Cochori Salad$98
Avocado Salad$78
Japanese Tomato Salad$78
Cucumber with Wasabi$68

Original Pickles

Freshly-made Kimuchi$70
Cucumber Kimchi$70
Bean Sprouts Namuru$58
Spinach Namuru$58
Cream Cheese Chanja$40

Rice & Noodle

AGO DASHI Japanese Somen Noodle (2~3 Servings)$198
Spicy Kalbi Soup with Rice$120
Spicy Kalbi Soup with UDON Noodle$120
Specially Made Cold Noodle (Tomato)$95
Rice (M)$38


Tsukiji Fresh Seaweed Soup$90
Spicy Kalbi Soup$90
KUROMITSU Ice-cream$48
Lemon Sorbet with Blue Berry Sauce$48


Suntory Premium Malt's$68
Sapporo Black Label$68
Red Wine Glass$80
Kaku High Ball$58
Hakushu 12y$158

Original Japanese Fizz

Fresh Lemon Fizz$68
Fresh Grape Fruit Fizz$68
Fresh Plum Fizz$68
Oolong High$58

Sake・Fruits Wine

Kuroushi Junmai$118
Shichihonyari Junmai Ginjou$132
Dassai Junmai Dai Ginjou$235
KAGA Umeshu$88
Yuzu Lemon Wine$78
Japanese Orange Wine$78


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